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A Beast or a Son of God - 1982 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"You enjoy eating, and drinking, and making money, and buying, and selling, and convenience, and relaxation. You enjoy talking about cars, and houses, natural things. And you're given to passions, and human desire, and ambitions. You're given to digging, planting flowers, as I said, getting land, washing dishes, washing clothes, working on jobs. You're given to that. There's nothing wrong with doing that, no more than Noah building an ark and being very spiritual. But this is your delight, this is what you like to do. You do not like to fast, you do not like to pray, you do not like to read the Word of God. You do not like to leave your relatives and your friends, your brothers, your sisters, your mother, your daddy, your sons and daughters. You do not like to leave your natural kindred to get into a land where God can bless you, or to get into a place where God can help you, and love you, and strengthen you. You had rather make allowance for their wrongs and their short comings than to honor, to obey the Word of God, or any rulings, regulations, or whatever that might preserve the virtues and the wonderful things of God. You'd rather cut corners and go your own way and do your own thing. Not like Abraham of old, who, to be perfect laid his son on the altar, and refused to remove him, and would have taken his life had it not been for God. Showing God that He was all in all with him. You had rather preserve your own personal carnal feelings, and go your own way and feel the way that you feel. Get kind of grumpy, you know, at times, and slam a few doors, and say a few things that you ought not to. And flare up at your husband or wife or children. You'd rather make just a little bit of allowance just to frolic up and down the road, and wonder through the dry goods stores, and listen to the tinkle and the tinkling of that which is nothing. Just listening to the rock-n-roll, and the be-bop, and get out to the restaurants on the weekends. You'd rather go to the frolics of the world, the amusement parks of the world. And go down to the beaches, and frolic along the beaches, and get out boating, and go out in the things that you do, the way they do at the airport and local area, gliders and flying planes, and racing cars, and boats, and anything that is natural. You'd rather go to the wrestling ring, or watch those things, those non-virtuous things, on TV. You'd rather do anything than God's things, and to be about the Father's business. Now if you fit into that category then what are you? You are a beast."

"You chose to seek after the fame, and fortune, and popularity, and vain janglings of the world. And to have, or to be intact with, the beggarly elements of this world. So then because you have chosen the wrong mind, which is the carnal mind, then you are dead. You are a beast. You are rejected. You are under the curse. But you that have the mind of Christ, you have the path of peace, in that all of His paths are peace. You have His way of life, and you have His blessings of life. He'll make you rich and add no sorrow. He'll make you to ride upon the high places of the earth, and give you the desire of your heart, feed you with the heritage of Jacob, make all of your beds in the time of your sickness."

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