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A Pure Heart - 1972 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"A pure heart. The end of the commandment is a pure heart. Now we preach a lot of things, we say a lot of things, we do a lot of things. We try to labor for God in this field, or in this capacity of life, and labor for God in that field or capacity of life. But listen friends, it doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter what you've done. It doesn't matter what you're planning to do. There's only one thing that's gonna take you in, and that is if you have a pure heart. You're going to have to have a pure heart. The Bible said that David was a man after God's own heart. Why was that? Because The Bible teaches that David's heart was pure. God's eyes are going throughout the earth looking for somebody with a pure heart, whereby God Himself may show Himself strong to you and I because we have a pure heart! Amen. Some of you have a haughty spirit. Some of you have a rebellious spirit. Some of you have an unsubmitting spirit. Some of you have an overconfident spirit! You're overconfident that God's with you, and some of you are in bad shape that have that confidence! But you need to humble your heart. Jesus said a pure heart, a pure heart!"

"The tabernacle, all they do is play tapes up there. The tabernacle, when you crowd the minister out, my brother, you're finished. I don't care who's tapes you play, I don't care what you carry on. When you stop God's voice in the ministry you're finished! Amen. Now I believe in tapes and I believe in books, and all these things. If they got the gospel in them that's wonderful. But when you get off in a rut that's bad. I hope and pray nobody will ever take my tapes and do them the way they've done Brother Branham's. I want you to listen at them, because I enjoyed one myself the other day as I listened at it over the radio. We ought to listen to the Word of God, we ought to read everything we can. The Bible says if it has any virtue in it, think on these things. I want you to read my books, my tapes, listen at them or whatever. I might put out of the gospel so it'll stir you up to go to church, and preach, and listen to the preacher! Amen, and help somebody do something. Amen. If I ever die and anybody listens to my tapes, I hope this one will be recorded right here so they'll hear it loud and clear."

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