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Because of Calvary - 1980 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"The law and the prophets until John, and since that time the kingdom has been preached, and men are pressing their way into the kingdom. I am pressing my way into the kingdom, you are pressing your way into the kingdom, and if you ever get into the kingdom, that is, anybody ever gets into the kingdom, they will press their way into the kingdom against the satanic forces of darkness, because there's a power of Satan that is going to wrestle against your mind and against your spirit, and do everything he can to keep you from entering into the kingdom of God. But I tell you again, the law and the prophets being until John, until Calvary, since that time the kingdom of God is in the earth. My interest is, 'Father thy will be done. Since thy kingdom has come, thy will be done on this earth as in Heaven.' That is, God give me the power, give me the concern, father, to work with people and to tutor people, and to help bring the kingdom of God in a greater measure into the heart of mankind, that they may understand that here, in this present world, that the kingdom of God is being set up. That here on this present earth, that the kingdom of God is being set up. That the kingdom of God is here. You know, Jesus told a man one time when He answered him discretely, He said, "Thou art not far from the kingdom." Thou art not far from the kingdom. It's when we give a discrete answer to God, it's when we answer God soberly and soundly, that we find ourselves nigh unto the kingdom of God. Isn't that right? So then the kingdom of God is in the earth today. The kingdom of God has been here ever since Calvary, and I am thrilled over the kingdom of God being here."

"I don't believe that the church of today, that is, the church-world, is the bride that Christ is speaking of. I don't believe that. I believe that the church-world of today has intermingled with all of the wrongs, all of the darknesses of this time and age, and that God has rejected the church-world of today. I believe that. I believe, in reading the thirteenth chapter of the Book of Revelation, that the beast that come up out of the waters, I believe that beast that come up, that the constitution of the church-world today makes up that beast. You say, "Brother Pike that's some mighty strong talk." I believe the church-world in general today makes up the beast. I made the statement that there's three parts of that beast, and one part of that beast here we see is represented as a leopard. And I say that that part that's represented as a leopard has to do with the sports, the Olympics of today. I say that that is the part that comes from the Grecian vision that Daniel had, when Alexander the Great, that is, that great sports-world nation (country), that great leopard there that Daniel saw, it depicted (or showed) Alexander the Great. I believe that the sports-world is part of that beast. I believe that. The three parts was the bear feet, the leopard body and the lion head. And I believe that has to do with the three things we mentioned, which was the recreational doings of mankind, which is sports. And the governmental powers of mankind, which is Communism. And the religious powers of mankind, which is Catholicism. I believe that those three things make up that beast, and I believe that beast is mass humanity."

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