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Break the Clay Pitcher - 1994 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"So then we know that the time is at hand. We know that the end of the world is here. We know that something has happened, and the thing that I ask you is, are we doing anything about it? Are you making any effort? Are you making any effort to change from the old way of life that you've been? If the time is at hand then someone would say, "Brother Pike doesn't it say, when the time is at hand, let him be just that's just still? And him that is filthy, let him be filthy still?" That's right. Someone would then say, "Well if that be true then there's no chance to change." Well that's right. That's right to the extent that ye are saved by foreknowledge. And The Bible said, even in the days of Paul, those who were foreordained unto eternal life believed, and the rest did not. And it is true that whatever you are in the foreknowledge of God, that's the way you are. You can't change it, there's no changing it. But it is true that while the blood is on the seat of atonement, if it's just for one second, if you can come to God, and you desire God, and you hunger and thirst after God, not knowing that it's just one minute (but that you still have one minute), and you come with a real true heart, that's a proof that you're God's elect, and that God foresaw you from the foundation of the world getting in at the eleventh hour. But the thing is if you don't, if you're not moved, if you're not stirred, if you don't change your old way of life, if you don't turn over to something new, make a new start, really get down to business, put everything out of your mind and mean business with God, then that means that you're not elect."

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