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Comprehending the End Time - 1974 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"I've said this and I'll say it again, that even the wise virgins have gone to sleep. God said to Peter and them, "Couldn't you watch with me just a little while?" But The Bible said, though they were children of God, they were heavy with sleep. They were heavy with sleep. And the church has gotten into such a place that you can't tell it from the world anymore. The short skirts, the form-fitting clothes, hollering 'grace grace grace.' Everything is grace, and they don't believe in being Holy in body or in spirit anymore. You understand what I'm saying? They've got just like the world, they've gone to sleep, and you can't tell one from another anymore because they've gotten out there and got a hold of some of the leavening of the pharisees. So I tell you, shake yourselves. Wake up, wake up, wake up. When they awoke they saw His glory."

"I say again that you can have 'a revelation,' but it is one thing to have 'a revelation,' and another thing to have 'The Revelation.' You may be as Paul, you may have much revelation, but the thing is, do you have The Revelation of Jesus Christ? Now then, I believe that Paul the Apostle saw The Revelation of Jesus Christ. I believe that The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Brother Jimmy, will translate the church. And if The Revelation of Jesus Christ doesn't translate the church then you go and tell everybody that Brother Pike is a liar and a false prophet, because he said that The Revelation of Jesus Christ would translate the church! It will do it. The Revelation of Jesus Christ will translate the church. If it doesn't do it then I'm a liar and all the prophets are liars, because every one of them spoke and pointed to this time."

"Differentiating between the Lord and the Christ, the rent veil. For the veil was rent in twain, the Christ was separated from the Lord. He made in Himself both Lord and Christ. And The Bible said when the Jews looked for the rent veil over here, they didn't understand, Jesus said, "In three days I'll raise this temple up after you rend the veil on me." "I'll raise it back up," but they understood not until after the resurrection because they were carnal-minded. The only veil they knew was the veil of Moses that covered the Ark of the Covenant. They said, "We understand that there's a tabernacle in the wilderness, and that tabernacle in the wilderness, that you can rend that veil. The high priest can go right through there into the Holy of Holies. We understand that." But they didn't understand that the carnal mind is the wilderness where Satan got into it! That it is the wilderness. That this body of Jesus was the tabernacle, and when John said, "Behold the tabernacle of God is among men," he was talking about Jesus right here, and the body of Christ. That that was the ark of Noah, into which we all go through the side, into that door where the blood and the water came forth, by baptism into His name. That everything pointed to Calvary, that Jesus was the rock that Moses hid in when God said, "I'll put you in the cleft of the rock!"'

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