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Divine Oversight - 1978 - Preached in Pope, MS.

“But remember this one thing, that we are not waiting for a natural Jesus, we’re not waiting for that. For, the Bible said, “I will appear the second time without sin unto salvation, to them that look for me.” “Until the Daystar dawn within your heart,” is that right? “Unto them that look for me, I will appear the second time without sin unto salvation.” How? “And the Lord of Hosts shall suddenly come into His temple.” Now you say, “Brother Pike what do you mean?” I mean the spiritual Christ, which is the head of a spiritual bride, a spiritual body, a spiritual church, that spiritual head has returned for His spiritual members. Is that right? He’s taking them to a spiritual Heaven.”

“What am I here for? I’m here to perfect your faith. Somebody said, “Brother Pike you’re here to tell me not to chew and dip and dance with another man’s wife. Not to curse and fuss!” That’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to revelate to you, to make known unto you the benefits of the gospel of God in Christ Jesus! Is that right? I’m here to perfect your faith.”

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