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Do You Have A Future - 1995 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

“Every living creature is born to go into a lake of fire unless they meet the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“You know, I’ve told you this before, when I was a real young fella I’d started building me a house. I had me a little piece of ground. I’d already built me a little ole’ house. I was working day and night, didn’t have but a few hundred dollars lacking as to have it paid for. And I was working day and night and my neighbor told me, said, “You’re gonna kill yourself. You don’t need to do that.” But I was interested in it and this was my thought, I thought, “I’ve got a wife, I’ve got children, there’s got to be a future. If something happens to me I don’t want nobody having to take my responsibility to take care of my wife and children. I’m gonna take care of ‘em. I’m gonna see that they’re taken care of. I’m gonna have them a little home and I’m gonna have them a place.” And so I did. And as I was out in the yard one day, and I never will forget, and I was raking in the yard. And I was cleaning the yard up with a rake, and I was making sure there wasn’t even one little big pebble my little ones could hurt their feet on. I wanted it just to be so so. And I was just thinking, “Now, the future.” And I had become acquainted with God to some religious extent. And I thought, “Now I’m preparing for the future,” and I never will forget, I heard something say, “What future?” And I thought, “Well, the future. Like everybody prepares for, the future.” And then it dawned on me and it struck me, and things began to come across my mind, and I began to think, “Future, future, what future?” And then I began to think of all the chaos of life and God began to show me all the problems, and they began to flash before me, and all kinds of things began to come to my mind, and I thought, “My God, there ain’t no future. What kind of future am I talking about? Where is the future?” And then I come to realize, friend, that God is the only future there is. There is no future except in Christ. It doesn’t matter how much security you’ve got. You may have something on the hillside that you’re trusting in. You may have something in the bank that you’re trusting in. You may be trusting in your strength, in your ability, your youth, your integrity, your education. You may be trusting in your plan and in your program, but did you know that over night that little heart can stop? That thing just can stop with one tick, and all that you’ve got belongs to another. And like Solomon said, “By wisdom I’ve gotten all of these great mighty things,” and he had, he was ruling the world, but he said, “who knows, but what I will leave this to a fool.” And sure enough, as I’ve relayed it to you in the past, he left it to a foolish son, that though he had twelve tribes of people that followed him diligently, and gave and contributed unto his cause with their strength and with their substance, and was there at his command, and overnight ten tribes of those people was lost just by the foolishness of his son, Rehoboam.”

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