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God in His Temple - 1975 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"But here the Jews stood waiting for something, hoping for something, trying to get a hold of something, but The Lord blinded 'em. They couldn't receive it, they were not ready. Why? Because the time of the gentiles had not come. But there it stood, the Kingdom of God in the earth, the words of life in the earth, God Himself standing in the earth. The fullness of God standing in the midst of a few little men. What a beautiful thing. "The only Heaven," Jesus said, "there is, you'll never see it with your eyes. The only Heaven there'll ever be, you'll never be able to see it with your eyes." Sure the earth will be changed, sure there'll be a garden that will spring up out of the dry ground, sure the briers will be taken away, sure the birds will sing better and the flowers will bloom sweeter, sure there'll be a better atmosphere about things, that will be. But all of that's not Heaven my brother. All of that's not Heaven. When God restores the earth, that's not what Heaven is. When the birds sing a little sweeter, that's not what Heaven is. When the brook goes rippling down a little better across the meadows, that's not what Heaven is. But when the Holy Spirit comes inside of you, that's Heaven! That's God! That's the sweetest most wonderful thing that'll ever happen in your life, Heaven. The only Heaven you'll ever know is the kingdom of God within you. The only power to translate your body into an eternal body, into a state of rest, into a condition of rest, into a condition of health and happiness, it'll be the spirit of God within you! Christ within you, the hope of glory! Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven will never come by looking for it, and He said to 'em, He said carnality won't never inherit spirit. "You carnal-minded people," He said, "you won't never see the things of God," for the wicked shall not see when good cometh."

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