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God is Doing Strange Things - 1976 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"God has my whole life. I have no desire, no ambition, nothing, but to please Him. So I love you and I want to help you. I teach our people to be very strict, very strict. You say, "Why, Brother Pike?" Because your enemy, the devil, is a reality, and he's after you. Now you might not know because you can't see. You may not see spiritually, you might not think spiritually, you might just be a babe in Christ, and the shepherd is there to watch after the lambs. But folks, as I live before God, Satan is a reality! He's real. You might not be able to reach out and touch him, but he's more real than the person that you can reach out and touch. Satan is a spiritual power, a great power! He's watching you. He's watching you just like a hawk would be sitting over here on a limb watching a chicken, to wait 'til you get into a place to where he can get you. He's watching. The very minute that you get into the wrong place he'll get you. You might say, "Well I don't believe it." A lot of people are in Hell tonight that didn't believe it. There's numbers of people that was under my ministry that's in Hell tonight because they didn't believe that when I told them. And you'll just be one more that'll add to the crowd, because you'll be going in that direction because of unbelief. So I ask you tonight to believe. The Bible tells us, when you come into the house of God, be more ready to hear than to give your opinion (or, it calls it the sacrifice of fools)."

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