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God Never Changes - 1990 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

“What he was saying was that it’s impossible for you to fall away and not be a son of God. He was simply saying that, “Don’t you understand (he went right on to say) I expect more of you than this, though I thus speak, as to the feelings concerning your human infirmities. But I expect more of you than this.” That is to say, don’t you understand (he was saying) that you are a son of God, and that you can never be anything but a son of God? You are a son of God eternally. You’ve been born again. That it’s not becoming for you to just go out here in the world and mess around with things out there. All you’re gonna do is bring chastisement and you’re gonna be chastened and you’re gonna have problems, because you was not diligent in your prayer and fasting and service and conformity to God. Don’t you know that you’re going to be chastened? Like I was saying of some of my children. They say, “Dad do you believe that I’m gonna make it?” I say, “I’m not troubled over you making it. I prayed to believe God. I know you’re gonna make it. I’ve settled that in my heart. But the thing that troubles me is all the problems that you’re gonna have stumbling and staggering around, and not coming on to God and getting down to business to do what God’s called you to do.” The Bible speaks of some getting in as if by fire, all their works being burned, bringing nothing to perfection. But it says they themselves shall be saved, but that as though by fire. One trial right after another.”

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