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God's Government - 1980 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"I believe today I can repeat the words of John Wesley, you'd be better off to send your child to the devil than to send him to a public school!"

"We need to grow up and we need to be men and women. Let the little boys and the little girls get out there and bounce their ball and jump rope, and you men get back in the offices where you ought to be and back in the fields where you ought to be. Get back in your homes where you ought to be and be a real man, stand up for something. And you ladies get away from that silly foolishness about having a career! Get out from under a television set and get in there and be a real woman, and raise your children, and be a real mother and a real wife to your husband. That's what you need to do. You say, "Brother Pike do you think that would straighten the situation out?" It absolutely would. It absolutely would. I'll guarantee you if you'll take every woman and put her back in the home where she ought to be, get her out of the offices, all the playboys will stop their foolishness, and they'll stop their mixed up sloppy messed up way of life, because there won't be any woman around to slop with. (Somebody say 'I love Jesus'). "Oh Brother Pike you don't mean they're a bunch of pigs," Jesus called them a bunch of swine, said they go back to their wallowing in the mire, the dog back to his vomit. I'm only telling you what He had to say about it, He was the example. If that's what He thought about it, as far as I'm concerned, that's what it is."

"God, as I've said so many times, had to make the woman weaker. How could two men live together, one just as strong-headed as the other? Why I can't hardly get 'em to work together. They couldn't do that. I got 'em here on the home-front, I say, "You work with this brother," "I ain't gonna work with him." See the woman, she's supposed to be weak enough that the man can possess her over a period of time, that she'll break, surrender so that he can possess her and they can become one body, one flesh, one motive, one plan! She's supposed to be able to do that! Some woman said, "He ain't gonna do me that way," no you devil, you ain't gonna let him. You're a devil, that's what you are! You say, "But I'm a human being," Jesus said, "Get behind me you devil." That's a devil, when a woman is so strong-spirited she won't yield to her husband she's a devil. She is the body of the devil, filled with the devil! Any woman in her right mind, any woman that's made right, any woman that's straightened up, she'll yield to her companion and follow him gladly. Any church that's a God-fearing church will follow their pastor and listen to what he's got to say! And any pastor that's a God-fearing man will tell them to get out of the world and flee for their lives, and to stay away from the things of this world, and watch for the wolf, 'cause he's a good shepherd. He'll give his life for the sheep, he won't run off and leave 'em every time something starts going wrong. He don't try to rob 'em and get every dime he can out of 'em."

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