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God's Purpose for Bethlehem - 1996 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"After He left them, He never has eaten with them again, or drank with them again, except in the kingdom. Following the crucifixion, following the resurrection, when He was caught up into Heaven, coming back withing ten days, He entered into the temple, which is the body of Christ. And there He brought the new wine, and filled their vessels with new wine, and the people said, "they're drunk off of new wine," and He drank it anew with them in the Kingdom of God. And so today He's drinking it with you, saying, "I stand at the heart's door and I knock. If you will open unto me, I will come in and have supper with you," or, sup with you, or, drink this wine with you. So then, I made the statement that in the Old Testament when Aaron went in to offer the atonement, he took the blood, he went into the Holy of Holies where he alone could go, he put it between the covering cherubs on the mercy seat, and if he returned quickly all was well and people rejoiced. If he tarried long it meant that God was displeased, and the wrath of God would be upon the people when Aaron returned, who was symbolic of the mighty spirit of Christ, or the mighty Holy Ghost, the Christ that we're looking for."

"You know with us this wonderful Christ went away. He tarried ten days, immediately He returned to come into our hearts, saying, "All is well. Peace on earth and good will toward you." But did you know He hasn't returned yet as the Aaron of God, to appear in the heavens, when the great day of His wrath shall come. He hasn't appeared yet, He's tarrying long, which means God is displeased, and it's going to be ill with the people. It's not gonna be well with the people. For when He returns, He will return and the stars will fall from Heaven, and the mountains will be moved out of their places, and all the cities of the earth shall crumble to the ground, and the waters shall turn into blood. All these horrible things shall happen. Heaven shall rain hail and blood down out of it."

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