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Godly Understanding - 1969 - Preached in Olive Branch, MS.

"I said this the other day and I still wanna say it: Unless an individual can sit down to a meal at a table, and know the price that went into that meal, they can't appreciate and understand the meal. They can't understand it. You've gotta look way back yonder and you've gotta look back there and see that seed that was planted in the ground. You've got to see the sweat of the brow from the farmer's face as it drips off, as he planted the seed within the ground! And see the years of labor and toil, the hours of misery, to bring you a bite of food to set on your table, that you might sustain the life within your body! You can't appreciate the hours that the mother stood there and prepared it, the wife stood in the hot kitchen and prepared it. You can't appreciate the meal because you can't comprehend the depths, the cost and the experience that's behind the meal! You can't do it. And it's the same way with a revelation when a man has given his life. Not just a little portion of his life! But when He's given his life, walked the sandy shores of Galilee, spilled His blood, hung at Calvary and the blood rolled down His vesture! Do you know, was you there? Have you seen, do you understand? When Jesus spilled His blood and it rolled down His vesture at Calvary! When they nailed the nails into His hands, and when the blood and the water separated as it came from His side!"

"Ye are the temples of the Holy Ghost. The man that defileth it and let evil spirits enter him shall God destroy. You say, "Brother Pike that's mighty hard." Let me tell you something folks, when you stand before the great white throne of judgment everything I said to you is gonna be mighty light. You say, "Well let's wait for that time." This is the time right here. Judgment begins at the house of God, this is it right here. You just haven't seen it. If you could see today that with this in my hand, with the voice of The Lord speaking that I am remitting your sins, that I am retaining your sins. If you could see that, and if you could understand that, you'd shake in your shoes! If you knew this was the great white throne of judgment, and that you're gonna be turned into a burning Hell if you do not have the favor of the ministry."

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