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Going to Hell - 1985 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

“A man that don’t love his wife and children, and a woman that don’t love her husband and children, is nothing. No matter which way you figure it, when the answer comes out it comes out, “Nothing.” A man that loves money and the things of the world so much that he’ll forsake his wife and children, he doesn’t add up to nothing. If he has a business, if he has plans, if he has programs, even if he’s in the ministry, and he doesn’t love his wife and children, he is nothing. Not nothing. The wife and children are ten times better than he is, even if he’s in the ministry. And it’s the same way with a woman, as I said. She might profess all kinds of religion, but if she don’t love her husband and children she spells ‘nothing.’ But a child of God, whether woman or man, is great in the sight of God, if they are really a child of God.”

"I heard about a soccer game I believe they had over in one of the foreign countries. And something happened that they ruled (and this is just the way I heard it, it may not be this way at all), but they ruled that they couldn't finish their game because of some foul play or something that wasn't right. So they flew into a rage and I believe they said they killed a hundred and fifteen people, was it? I think they killed over a hundred people, flew into a rage and killed over a hundred people. And here in Atlanta, Georgia, in this arena that Billy Graham dedicated. Of all things, you know, for a preacher to do, that's about the least of 'em, going and dedicating a stadium for ball games. But here in Atlanta, Georgia I just recently heard that when the Braves was playing a team out in California, that they all went berserk and the managers was fighting with each other, and the ball players was fighting with each other, and the people was climbing out of the surrounding areas, the audience, and they were getting out there into the mixed up mess. And they had to bring the paddy-wagons and they had the police, and I think they fined, maybe they fined the manager of the other team ten-thousand dollars and said that he couldn't play ball for a few games. Maybe the other manager a thousand dollars, or something to this effect. You know folks, them devilish things, and to think that out of that audience, most likely there was hundreds and perhaps thousands of church-going people out there at that ball game. Now the question arises, "Will those people go to Heaven?" Somebody says, "Brother Pike some of those people are Pentecostal." Being Pentecostal don't mean that you won't go to Hell. Just because you're Pentecostal, you can go to Hell just like somebody that's Baptist. What's being Pentecostal got to do with it? The Jews were Pentecostal, that's where the word 'Pentecost' came from, the fiftieth year Jubilee, and God rejected all of 'em, every one of 'em. Being Pentecostal don't mean nothing. You gotta be Holy, for He's Holy. And if you're Holy you're not gonna mess around at ball games. You say, "Oh Brother Pike I don't agree with you." Well I've said this a lot of times: When I was a boy my daddy was a ball player and my uncle was a manager. And I played ball, and I hooped and I hollered and I run. You know why I did it? Because I was of the devil and I loved the devil's way of life, and I mixed with the devil's people. And even though God protected me, in that He saw that I was of the devil only in the sense of my natural birth, and by predestination I was a son of God that had got caught in the hog pen, yet I had to pay for my wrongs. And I learned the difference between that world and the world of God. And in that world ball games are of the devil and one of the worst devilish things I know of, because it's such a deceiving undermining thing. And them people that was at the ball game, you know where they're going? They're going to Hell. You say, "Oh I don't know about that Brother Pike." Well that's what I'm here for. I'm a preacher, I'm here to tell you so you will know. They're going to Hell. Those people are going to Hell unless they repent of their sins and get straightened out, and stay away from the ball games and the TV programs of western movies and all of this other junk that's shown on the TV, they are going to Hell. People that sit around and gaze at TV are going to Hell. I mean let's tell it like it is, they are going to Hell. You know why the preachers don't tell it like that? They are afraid they'll lose their audience or they won't get any offerings, or they won't have anybody to take care of 'em. But they are going to Hell and the preacher is going to Hell with 'em. If the blind lead the blind they all fall into the ditch. Which reminds me, there's a few people here on the campground that has got TVs that was supposed to be connected directly to the things that was virtuous, as to the showing that they have here, their own little studio. They was supposed to be Holy godly things. And they on the side have disconnected it and they're watching the worldly things. You know what's gonna happen to them people? They're going to Hell. Them people that are doing that are spots and blemishes in our feasts of charity and they are going to Hell. Though they be on the campground, and though they be mixed with the people like Judas, they are going to Hell."

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