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Heavenly Reward - 1985 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"Now we went over across the line into Miami, and there we was tired, weary. Was working on a little chart, and I got weary and tired, worn out. I got up, walked from my room into the neighbored room, just like I'd get up from here and walk through that door, it was into the bedroom. When I went in I laid down. And when I laid down it was just like everything just exploded in my head, just like somebody hit me with a ball-bat or something. And just like everything exploded, and I was like I was paralyzed. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, I couldn't do nothing. I was just laying there. I knew where I was at, I knew where I had come from, and I even knew the direction that I was laying on the bed in. I knew that I was laying with my head this way and my feet this way. I got up from the sofa, I went it, I laid my head this way and my feet this way. And as I lay there I couldn't move. And when this thing exploded in my head, whatever it was, everything went just dark, as black as night. Of course things like that are startling ya know, they have a great effect on you. And while not being able to move, all of the sudden I felt someone come into that room, I felt His presence. When He come into that room I knew it was The Lord Jesus. Any of you that are Christians know when you feel the presence of The Lord come near you. Well I knew it was the presence of The Lord Jesus, no doubt about it. I could tell it was His presence. So I felt Him come in, but it was so dark I couldn't see anything. And I couldn't move, so I just lay there. And when He come over near me, some of you have heard me tell it, when He come over near the bed He picked up my hand, it'd be my left hand, like this as I was laying in this direction, He picked up my hand and I heard Him speak to me. And this is what He said, He said, "Where is the stone of thy birth?" Well I couldn't move, I couldn't do nothing. The only thing was I could talk, I could mumble. And I just said, "I don't know, I don't know," about two or three times I said I don't know. And He laid my hand down, just as gentle as if a mother would come in the middle of the night to check a child. He laid my hand down just as gentle. And all of the sudden I felt His presence leave the room, and I was aware of the fact then that I was in the room without His presence. But just that quick, seemingly, He returned, because when He had my hand and I said, "I don't know," I heard Him say, "I shall get thee one." So away He went, and then He came back. And when He come back I felt Him lift my hand up again. When He lifted my hand up I felt Him put a ring on this finger, just as much as if you'd walk up to me, and I still couldn't see a thing. But when He slipped that ring on the finger I heard Him say this, He said, "I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee," He said, "but lo I shall be with thee in the time of trouble and in the time of need." And you know, I've been on the field in places that there just wasn't no hope, looked like. And would you believe that at the very time that I'd be stranded, or be in those places, that would come whirling back to me. My mind wouldn't be anywhere in the neighborhood of the place or anything like that, but I'd hear Him say just as clear, He'd say, "I'll never leave thee nor forsake thee, but lo I shall be with thee in the time of trouble and in the time of need." And I'd say, "My God I'm in need." And always, always brethren, He has met the need."

- This is an experience that Brother Pike had in Miami, Florida, just across from Hialeah. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself visited Brother Pike. We believe that this was either in 1964 or 1965, and we believe that the chart he spoke of was the circular time-chart. Immediately following this experience Brother Pike had a vision of an angelic visitation -

"He put a ring on my finger. And ya know, I didn't know that I was gonna say this tonight. I didn't have no plans, no ideas, no thoughts about this. Hardly ever I make mention of this. But anyway, having put the ring on my finger, it was just as if you snapped your finger, just that quick, and all of the sudden the darkness was gone. The darkness was gone, the room was lit up, and I was standing on my feet. And instead of laying on the bed in the darkness facing this direction, paralyzed (as you would say), not able to move, like a dead man, I was on my feet, I was in the light, and I was turned in the other direction. And I looked, and there before me was an angel of God, and he was a big fellow. I don't know whether angels can be big and little and whatever they wanna be, I guess. The Bible speaks of man being made a little lower than the angels, of course that means more powerful than man. But God, willing to show me that he was an angel of greater power, He knows that we look on the outward appearance, so He used a natural way as being big, and he was a big fellow. And he stood there, and he was a big fellow, and I looked up to him like that. And had there been a room, had there been a house, had there been a ceiling, his head would have went through the ceiling. But I don't know whether there was a ceiling, or house, or whatever. I know everything was so bright it looked like everything just vanished away. But he was standing as it would be near my bed, back beyond the head of it. When I looked at him, I looked at him and the best I remember (to the best of my memory) he had a long beautiful white flowing garment. You know, this is one reason I believe in the long dresses. Jesus, when He appeared in the Book of Revelation, The Bible said His garment was down to His feet. And The Bible said He's our example, and we ought to follow His steps. I saw this angel and the garment was down to the feet, beautiful long flowing garment. He was well-proportioned as a man, and was not a little skinny fellow. He wasn't a big out-of-proportioned fellow, he was well-proportioned. And he was a man, I mean, to look at him he would have been a real man. But anyway, in looking at him he had lovely features, so far as being pleasant. But it wasn't a laugh or snicker, it wasn't a grin, that kind of thing. There was just something that was pleasing and pleasant about him. And there was an atmosphere that was real pleasing about him, just to be in his presence was kinda like the springtime. Whereas I don't know whether you've ever seen a vision of The Lord Jesus or not, but I have. I've seen Him in a vision, and it's so wonderful to get in His presence, like the things that happened. But anyway, this angel, it didn't look like The Lord Jesus as it was where I've seen Him, Like ya know in His appearance. It was different. It looked like a man with chestnut hair, and flowing hair. And he stood before me, and he had something in his hand, to the best of my remembrance, and it was as though he dropped it. And when he dropped it it was kinda like a leaf off of a tree, kinda like it went like that down to the earth (or wherever it was, the floor, I couldn't tell). But anyway, I reached down and I picked it up, and I put it back in his hand. I had to raise my hand like that. And he looked at me like he was well pleased, and then that was the end of it. And I found myself back laying on the bed."

- This is a vision that Brother Pike had immediately following his experience where The Lord Jesus Christ visited him. We believe that both of these were in either 1964 or 1965 -

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