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Judgment Has Come - 1985 - Preached in Ohswekan, Ontario, Canada

"So I say, God are you so cruel? Are you so cruel, God, that the son of God that loved you so, that was willing to spill His blood, that walked this earth. Are you so cruel, God, that you'd smite Him and hang Him on a tree, and put the thorns upon His head, and they'd beat His back until it was bloody? Are you so cruel that after you done all of that, that you would turn around and turn your face away from Him, and let Him die in agony, begging and pleading, saying, my God my God why hast thou forsaken me? And the answer came back. No son, I didn't turn my back on Him because I was cruel. I didn't turn my face away from Him because I didn't want to hear His plea, in the sense that it was so cruel. He said, but I turned my back because I could not stand to see the most precious thing I ever had die. I could not stand the suffering, and to see my only son die. I turned my back because my eyes could not look upon iniquity, and He was made sin. And I turned my back as I did in the days of Moses, saying, Moses this is my hinder part. You cannot see my glory, but you can see my hinder part. And so He said, I turned my back to turn away from the suffering and the agony and the horribleness that was to befall my beloved son."

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