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Love Not the World - 1980 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"The blessing of The Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. The world makes rich, but it's sorrow. You can cheat, you can swindle, you can cut corners, you can get whatever you want to, but The Bible teaches that if you get riches, if you get them without God and you get them deceitfully, you will be cut off in the midst of your days, and in the end you will be a fool. Isn't that right? But those that are gotten by labor, riches gotten by labor shall increase. Those that have the blessings of God upon 'em, they shall increase. Isn't that right? What we need to do is seek God. What we need to do is really get down to business with God, and really want to do something for God. Not just make believe, but get to be spiritual people. Get back to worshiping God and loving God! Get back to old-time Holy Ghost living! The kind of living that we should live, whereas The Bible teaches that you have your fruits unto Holiness, and the end thereof eternal life. You know, there's one thing we need to learn beloved friend, and that is, unless you have fruits unto Holiness you don't have any eternal life. Did you know the only proof of eternal life in you is fruits unto Holiness? If there is no fruits unto Holiness, it is positive proof that you don't have the Holy Spirit. And if you don't have the Holy Spirit you don't have eternal life, 'cause The Bible teaches Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit in you, is the hope of glory."

"You know, I've told this a number of times. I had a vision, and in the vision I was shocked at the things that God showed me in the vision. Where I'd gotten into this great entombment, and in this great entombment I was walking down a sidewalk-like, and all of the sudden this great long tubular thing, round entombment, there was a door open to it and I just [*makes sound like air being sucked*] like that, sucked right into it. And I found myself completely enveloped, enclosed in the thing, and I couldn't find anyway out. There wasn't any way to get out of it. There was no doors, no windows, not anything. And while I was in this entombment I looked, and here was people walking to and fro like zombies. Walking to and fro like zombies. Little babies in mothers' arms, and they were like zombies, they were dead, just like the walking dead. They had no life, they had no motivation of life in 'em except they just went right straight ahead like this, the little ones in their arms. And right down ahead I was made to know that the bottomless pit was there, and darkness was there, and that they were walking into the darkness, into the bottomless pit. And I was terrified, and I said, "My God, help me out of this thing Lord, I can't stand this! Get me out of here, get me out of here Lord," I felt like the living among the dead. And I stood there and I thought 'Lord I've got to get out of here.' And I saw young boys and girls and men and women alike, all walking in this way. Walking in this way. And all of the sudden while praying the door opened again. There was a door made and out I went to the sidewalk. That's when I wrote the song 'I Thank You.' God gave me the song 'I Thank You,' the one you sing here."

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