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Making Man God - 1993 - Preached in Sulphur Well, KY.

"What was God's intentions? What was He doing? He had one great intention: He meant to make man God. Come on folks. He meant to make man God. He made a great mighty world and He set man over that, and He said, "Adam now you're over it. Whatever you call it, that's what it'll be." Isn't that right? Now He was saying, "Adam I am the abundance of life, and from me emanates life. Flowers and birds, animals, human beings, trees, fruits, the sky, the species of the sea, stars. All these emanate from me. I am life. I am life and abundance. I am life." The word abundant means filled up and overflowing. "Now I've come forth to do this great thing: to make man God." Now His desire was that He should live in man, that He should live in Adam, and Adam should be God."

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