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Not Born of Blood - 1976 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"Somebody would say, "Well Brother Pike I believe that we're waiting for the redemption of our body." I don't believe that. I don't believe that and I don't preach that. Somebody said, "Well I believe that I'm waiting for the redemption of my body." Well that's fine, if you want to wait for the redemption of your body, that's fine. But I don't preach that, I don't believe that. Somebody said, "Well that's Bible." It's not Bible according to what I understand. That might be in your Bible but it's not in my Bible, and I don't know what kind of Bible you've got. I don't believe that. You say, "Well what do you believe?" I believe that we are waiting to wit the redemption of our body. Not waiting for the redemption of our body. I believe my body was redeemed at Calvary! I am waiting for the revelation, the message, the understanding to recognize, to wit, to accept the redemption of my body! "

"Somebody said, "Well I'm waiting for my healing." No, brother and sister, you're not waiting for your healing. If you're sick you're not waiting for your healing. You're waiting to accept, to recognize that by His stripes you were healed! The day that you accept it and the day you recognize it, that's the day of your deliverance."

"If we're waiting that we should be translated, that we should not see death, then what are we waiting for? If old Brother Enoch could look down through the years of time and see Calvary, before God ever manifested His son upon a cross. And understand by the revelation of God through the foreknowledge that Christ had been slain in the mind of God from the foundation of the world, and that he was free from death. And by faith in that understanding be translated, what should we be today? I know a lot of folks say, "Well Brother Pike, Enoch has got to come back and die." But I told somebody the other night when I was preaching, Enoch doesn't have to come back and die. If Enoch come back and died then it would break the scriptures. Then they say, "But Brother Pike, it's appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgment. Every man has to taste death." But The Bible said Jesus tasted death for every man. Every man that'll believe, isn't that right? Every man, if they would believe. But every man isn't going to believe. So only the believers will get the benefit of it. Now The Bible said God looked down from Heaven, and heard the groaning of the prisoners, and loosed them that was appointed unto death, isn't that right? God appointed them unto death, thou shalt surely die, but then the word came, and He said, He that heareth my words and believeth on Him that sent me is passed from death unto life, and shall not come into condemnation."

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