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Repent or Perish - 1994 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"When I come up here I keep talking to you over and over, hoping that you'll make a change. And today I seen some change in the brethren, in the last couple of days, three days. Today, this morning, I was up before daylight down there visiting with 'em. And I'm out moving around, and I saw a great change in some of 'em today. Now, I know it won't last. I know that many of 'em down there are just reflectors. They heard it and they got real spiritual like all the rest, but as soon as they got out of my presence they went back to the old carnal reasoning, and their old way of life. And they always will be because they're not born again. But at the same time, though some of 'em was just reflectors, there was some of 'em that are children of God. Not very many, straight is the gate and narrow is the way, and few there be that find it. So it's really a narrow path, and it's not but just a few out of all that you preach to in your lifetime. I know, you know, when I say that we think, "Well the great movement of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, and the great movement of all the evangelists, and of the pope," and whatever. But I'm telling you, though it's hard or you to get a hold of, and you won't ever accept it, some of you, but many of those people are making proselytes two-fold more the child of Hell. If they'd of just left 'em alone it'd been a lot better. He said, "You compass land and sea to make a proselyte two-fold more the child of Hell." And that's what they're doing because they've become religious, and they feel like everything's alright when it's not alright. And they give 'em this experience, this exhilaration, when they're sterile and there's no seed of Christ that comes forth. No travail, and they never bring forth Christ in their life. They're the same old person with the same old worldly desires, and the love of the world in 'em, and the things of the world. Going after goals and careers and whatever, ballgames, and all this kind of thing. And all it is is an adulterous generation, both naturally and spiritually. The natural generation of adulterers show the spiritual adulterers. That's what it's all about, as in Heaven so in earth."

"You cannot have eternal life unless you go according to faith in The Word. Your believing won't do you any good. You've got to fellowship the brothers, you've got to fellowship the sisters. If you do not fellowship the brothers and you do no fellowship the sisters, you do not have any desire to be with them and be involved in what they're doing, and you just come to church and that's all there is to it, you can take my word, you don't have eternal life. If your ambition is always to be on your job, and to make money, and to have security, and feed your family, and to have things in the world, and this kind of thing, though you come to church regular you still don't have eternal life. And though you listen real good to the preacher you still don't have eternal life. The proof that you've passed from death unto life is that you love one another, and you love the brethren. And you're gonna want to be with one another. And it's the proof that you have God in your heart when you are about the father's business, which is with the brothers and sisters. This is the proof of the nature of Jesus Christ, and if you don't have His nature (or, spirit) you're none of His."

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