• Christian Pike

The Bride - 1964 - Preached in Gainesville, GA.

"I've made the statement in preaching the message on The Mark of the Beast: Look at 'em around you. When you see their football teams, what do they name them? When you see their basketball teams, when you see the clubs that they have, like the Elk Club and the Moose Club and the Lion Club, why are those things? The beast nature. They'll sit around a television and they'll drink in their lusts, and they'll act like a bunch of beasts. When they go to eat they'll have no control over their appetites, act like a bunch of beasts. What is it? It's a beast nature! I remember one time I was talking to God, and I said, "Lord why is it that these people insist that they come from the beast?" I said, "I don't understand that." And God answered back and said, "Because they did." I said, "Why do I insist that I didn't come from a beast?" He said, "Because you're a son of God." Amen. We come from God but they come from the beast, and they act like him."

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