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The Coming of Moses and Elijah - 1992 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"We're glad to have you tonight. We appreciate you. You're my children, spiritual children in The Lord. We love you, we wanna help you. And we wanna tell you the right thing, because as Paul said, "As a father I've begotten you in the gospel," and many of you I have. And the ones that want to be part of this ministry (or part of this operation) then we welcome you to be part of it. We'd like for you to do whatever you can to work with us, to win souls, because when you stand before The Lord Jesus Christ He's gonna want to know what you've done with your life, because He has made you a steward over your life. And whatever you've done with your life, from your youth on up, see, He's going to expect you to have done something in your youth, not just in your lifetime. He said, "Remember thy creator in the days of thy youth." And what you have done with it, that's what you're gonna answer to God for. As to whatever you people have done with your youth, whether it's been good or bad, whether it's been corruptible or whether it's been incorruptible, you're gonna answer to God. And The Bible said for every thought that you thought, the secrets of your heart, God's gonna judge you over it. Everything that you've said since you've been here at the campground, along with the pastor, every conversation in secret, everything that you said, the motive behind what you said, your evil surmising, every time you ever had an eye of lust toward anybody, or feeling toward anybody, or let down in any way, it isn't gone. Somebody said, "I repented, it's gone." It isn't gone. You will answer for every thought, and Paul said, "In that day by my gospel God will judge the secrets of your heart." So everything will be there that you ever done in your entire life. That's why I exhort you to be ye therefore perfect even as thy father in Heaven is perfect."

"Sometimes I say things that are strong, and a lot of people, they cannot receive things. As The Bible said, "You cannot receive anything save it be given you of God." But I say things that are strong, but they are biblical, they are biblical. And I'm going to say this, and this is strong but it's Bible: The Bible says, "Be careful how that you entertain strangers, for some have entertained angels unaware." And you don't realize it, but when you are talking to a real true son or daughter of The Lord, though you are unaware of it unless you're real spiritual, but you're entertaining an angel."

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