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The Days of Grace Are Over - 1977 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

“So then, we see the red dragon going out. What is he gonna do? He is going to look for somebody, and that somebody may be Billy Graham. He’s going to look for somebody to personify himself in. For, in Revelation 12, as quick as he goes out of the second heaven into the earth, immediately the beast come up out of the waters (in Revelation 13). What is it? The spirit goes out, it looks for a human body, it comes up. Now what is that great sea that John saw it come up out of? It’s the world; it’s the people. John said these waters represent people. Scientists say the biggest part of the body is water. Out of these people he saw a beast, is that right? The Bible said the whole world wandered after the beast. Who is the beast? The flesh! I wanna say this right quick: What is the flesh? The nearest thing in the garden to God’s creation, the son of God, Adam, was what? A beast. What was the beast? A man. A man is the beast! That’s what a man is. The Bible said some of ‘em are brute beasts made to be taken and burned. They are beasts!”

“When the Manchild came into my heart the dragon went out.”

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