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The Dispute Over the Body - 1987 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"Brother Pike do you believe that Brother Branham was the seventh angel, or, do you believe he was the last angel?" Well the question is, what do you mean 'the last angel,' or, what are you talking about? It's like I was saying today, when you speak of the seven church-age messengers, I tell you again that there is no such thing as a Bible-teaching of seven church-age messengers, or seven church-ages. This is something that people have come up with. They have studied The Bible and they've found out that Paul established nine churches, and out of the nine Jesus took seven of the churches and spoke of 'em, as to they are Laodicean doctrine, and as to the different kinds of doctrines that they had in these seven churches. Jesus took these when He spoke to John concerning The Revelation of Jesus Christ. You find Jesus in the midst of these candlesticks, these seven candlesticks. Whereas to me, I'm telling you like I understand, it's very obvious that that is Paul, because Paul was the one that established the churches. Jesus used seven of 'em, and Paul said, "It is not I that liveth but Christ that liveth within me, and the life I now live I live by the son of God." Paul, having been caught up to the Third Heaven, he said, "I am bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh." So it was Paul that was in the midst of the candlesticks, in the sense of the churches at the beginning of this thing that's called The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Now I believe that it was Paul that was there that established the churches, and that Paul saying 'it's not I that liveth,' Paul had departed. Paul had been baptized, Paul had been planted. It was no longer him, but the body of The Lord Jesus. And so then at the end of the church-ages when all of these candlesticks are there, and Jesus is in the midst of the candlesticks, it's very obvious that it's the very same thing that was at the first of the church-ages. That is to say, Paul received The Revelation of Jesus Christ."

"Them people out there full of the devil, they wanna claim your body. See, they wanna have your body. I brought it out where the red dragon laid right there, when the birth of the child came he laid right there in the Second Heaven, and The Bible said as soon as the child was born he sat there to devour it. But the child went up to the Third Heaven. See, which means in the Second Heaven, which Heaven you're in right now as to your new birth, being born again on the inside but still tabernacleing in the body, you are in the Second Heaven. And while you're in the Second Heaven then the blood life, which is the red dragon, the intellectual thing from the fall in the garden, the tree of knowledge, see, the life of the devil is laying in there, in this intellectual concept of religion. He's laying in there in the life of people, and in the powers of the government, and in the church. He is laying in there and he's ready. Every time a child is born of the spirit he starts after it. Just as quick as one is born he'll say, "We need a new football star. We need to get us a pool hall. We need to get something of the world." And he wants to devour that child with the intellectual things of the world. With passions, and gullible desire, and with positions, and with all of these things as to having a career, he's right there to devour him. See, he's right there to grab him. He's laying in there, that old snake, that old serpent. He's laying in there, that old carnal mind. "To be carnally minded is death." You've gotta get over the Jordan. That Jordan runs like a snake down through there, and you've gotta get over the Jordan, you've gotta get over the carnal mind, you've gotta get into the things of the spirit. You can't have an intellectual concept of religion. Jesus said, "It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God." They can't get over the Jordan, they're on the other side of that, see, they're intellectual scholars. But you are people of revelation."

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