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The Dispute Over the Body - 1991 - Preached in Cedar View, MS.

"So the dispute is over the body. The devil came to Jesus trying to get a hold of Jesus' body, and he actually quoted the scripture verbatim to him, and Jesus refused to listen at him. He never disputed the scriptures, he just said, "It's also written." And each time He would say, "It's also written," and each time He would defeat the devil. And so finally the devil left Him. If the devil could have got the body of Moses he would have been God in that day, because God had made Moses God to the people. If he could have got in the body of Jesus he would have been God throughout eternity. If he could have got Adam and Eve to eat of the Tree of Life after they'd eat of the Tree of Knowledge (that is, they'd eat of the Tree of Knowledge,) then he would've been God. He would have had the world and you could've never gotten it out of his hands. But God put 'em out of the garden to keep 'em from doing that after they partook of the Tree of Knowledge. So the dispute is over the body, and today there's a continual warfare between the body and the soul. In your mind there is a continual spiritual fight, and the devil is trying to trample down the minds of humanity. And he's after your mind, he's after your body, and he's disputing with you all the time. And if he can ever put your faith down he's got you. I don't care how much you fast, I don't care how much you pray, I don't care what church you belong to or how much you give in the offering, it doesn't have anything to do with that. If he ever kills your faith in Christ and His righteousness you're gone!"

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