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The Purging Out of the Church - 1978 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"Many preachers never make any mention whatsoever of the judgments of God, or of the things that are going to befall mankind in this present world, if they neglect to perfect faith in their life by living an overcoming life, being separated from the worldly things, and being separated from sin. Paul here as he writes to them, he tells them that he understands that some of them are puffed up. And then he says, "Would you that I come to you with the rod?" Apparently he believed in using the rod on the child, lest he spoil the child. He said, "Or had you rather that I come to you in love and in the spirit of meekness?" Now when you differentiate between those things there's no mistake as to what Paul was saying, is there? "Had you rather that I come to you with a rod, or had you rather I come and preach you a message of love in the spirit of meekness?" Apparently Paul wasn't always meek in preaching the gospel, as you and many others suppose that the ministry should always be. A lot of times Paul was very bold in preaching the gospel, and would turn to men like he did the deputy and others, and speak the words of judgment. And they would utterly be cut off because Paul spoke the words of judgment."

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