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The Rapture - 1981 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"The rapture is, once the indoctrination comes to the human intellect, the bastard child's got it, the free child's got it, both of ‘em's got it. Now, when it comes to that one thing all of ‘em's got it, but they're all religious, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Little Bethlehem, all of 'em. But as time goes on, as time goes on the fertile womb begins to bring forth life. The other, the seed corrupts and dies. It dies, it never get's beyond the intellect, it never is able to bust the ground open and get out of the weeds of human reasoning and the entanglement. Jesus said it fell among thorns. It can't get out of that human constraint, it can't break through. The sunlight can't get to it, the ground's too hard, no latter rain, no light. But that child, that seed, that became life, because it drops after a while from that old intellectual thing, it drops down into the heart. All the indoctrination, then it drops down into the heart. And when it drops down to the heart the church goes away like that because it instantaneously translates according to Enoch and according to Thessalonians."

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