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The Rapture is At Hand - 1980 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

"If you try to cut corners, and if you take what you owe another man, and you take that away from that man when you made an obligation, when you was supposed to pay a bill, you will never ever at any time in your life ever get up in any place to have anything. Now then because you are a thief and you are a robber. You're taking that which belongs to another."

"First he says, "The wicked flee when no man pursueth." You know, how true that really is. How true that really is. You take a man that's got a guilty conscience, whether in the spirit or whether in the natural, he's always jumpy. He's always under condemnation, he's always afraid. You take a man that's running from the law, he's always afraid, isn't that right? That man is always afraid, even though the law may be nowhere around. He might be a thousand miles away from any danger, so far as the law apprehending him, but still he is jumpy, he's nervous. Every little thing that happens he's afraid it's the law that's after him. See, the wicked continually in their conscience, when there's no danger around, when no man is pursuing, they still are jumpy. Always jumpy, always nervous because the wicked flee when no man pursueth. And it's the same way in the spirit. Take a man that's spiritually hypocritical and ungodly, that man is always jumpy in his spirit. Always, every little thing that happens. If the car starts going of the road it scares him half to death, because the first thing he thinks is, "Hell is waiting on me." If he lays down at night, you know, if his heart isn't right with God, if he lays down there at night, he's so afraid when he goes to close his eyes that he might not wake up in the morning. He has to take aspirins and sleeping pills, and get him a little drink, and try to knock himself out, and everything else. See he is so fearful, so afraid, yet the mercies of God are still there. They're still there. The wicked flee when no man pursueth. The days of grace is still there. But he knows that there is a penalty that he must pay. He knows that his conscience is guilty, and he knows that he must pay for his wrong. And so then condemnation just flows over him, and floods his life in such a way that he stays afraid all the time."

"You're never satisfied. You know why? Because you've got no anchor. Like a ship setting out on the sea, there's no anchor, it just drifts every time the wind blows. It just drifts into this rock, into that rock, into the bank. Everywhere 'til finally it just goes down. Faith being made shipwrecked, down you go! You don't have any anchor! But The Bible tells us we're to have the anchor of the soul! I must have my soul anchored in God. I've got to cast anchor somewhere. Somebody'd say, "Well I'm just at Little Bethlehem because." Because why? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, 'Why am I at Bethlehem?' Because of why? Why am I at Bethlehem? Did you just drift over this way so that when the wind blows you can drift over somewhere else? If you do you're just a wandering star. You're just drifting, you're a wandering star. You're no good to me, you're no good to God, you're no good to anybody! You're just self-willed and wandering here and there, you don't never hold a post of duty for nothing! Somebody said, "I don't like that." I know you don't like it, but God likes it! You don't like it 'cause you're full of the devil. That's why you don't like it, but you get rid of the devil you wouldn't feel that way. Somebody said, "I perceive that you're talking about me." You've got good perception because I am. I'm talking about you and to you. Folks let's get an anchor, let's put the anchor down, let's anchor somewhere."

"Why is it that I had the vision of the great polar bear that was sitting out, kind of in a nonchalant sort of a manner (as the world would say)? You know Russia, Russia hasn't been concerned about all of this. Why, the people of Russia's just been in a nonchalant sort of a way. They've been interested in eating and drinking. But in this vision is the great bear, which I believe relates to the Kodiak bear of Alaska, in that that's where we got 'em from, from Russia. In this vision there was a serpent, a huge cobra-type thing (or serpent, whatever kind he was) was sitting right next to the bear, waiting to strike at the bear, and he, with piercing eyes, was frozen watching it. Now ain't that America? She's so afraid of her shadow. She's watching Russia just like that, just so afraid Russia will make a move. And Russia's just as nonchalant as she can be, feeling like that if something come's up she can handle it. There that serpent set. I saw the shadows moving down this way fast, just about this speed. And I saw the two hunters with their guns, trying to get there to do something before that serpent could strike that bear, because I was made to know in the vision that if that serpent ever struck that bear that that bear would go literally wild, and nobody could handle it. So in the vision I was made to know that my own little family, Betty and the children, which I believe represented the church, that I was to take them, right behind me was an old fashioned mantle, like over a fireplace, and I was to pick them up and put them up on this mantle to where they could stand, that when this bear began to rage he couldn't get up there to them. You say, "But Brother Pike are you calling America a serpent?" She called herself a serpent. She put it on the billboards, you saw it in Atlanta, that great serpent right up the road. And there the billboard was, a great serpent saying 'Don't tread on me.' You say, "What do you get out of all of that?" I believe with all of my heart that America is going to strike Russia. The evening shadows are falling now, gross darkness covering the people; It's the evening time. And I believe that those two hunters had to do with the two prophets, and they were gonna try to kill that serpent or do something to stop that thing before the whole thing went into a rage. The two prophets are prophesied for the end-time to return. Now, I saw that serpent, as fast as a shuttle, strike that bear (that quick). When the shadows moved over the serpent struck it so fast you could hardly see it move. When he did that bear went into a rage, and nobody couldn't do nothing with it."

- A vision that Brother Pike had concerning the end-time (there is much more in the entirety of the message) -

"Yea I say unto thee feast my children feast, for the hour of thy feast is come. Feed, for I have given thee green pastures. Yea thus saith The Lord, I shall make thee to lie down in green pastures, and I shall lead thee beside the still waters, yea and the blessing of The Lord shall be upon thee, and the glory of The Lord is come upon thee. Yea and all the world shall see, and ye shall be as a beautiful light. Yea even as a woman that hath made ready for the wedding, for the blessing of The Lord shall be upon thee. For thou hath adorned thyself in thy beautiful apparel, oh Zion, and thou art beautiful to look upon. Yea and thy light is come, and it shall rise, it shall rise high into the Heavens, that all the world shall see thee as the wonderful wonderful ones that I have made thee. Even from the foundation of the world I have called thee. And thou art my workmanship, yea in Christ Jesus thou art my workmanship. And I have called thee unto a righteous person, a Holy and a Godly person, in that thou mayest have fellowship with Jehovah. I have called thee that thou mayest be called my children, yea that men may look upon thee and know that thou art the children of God." - Brother Pike prophesying -

"Yea I say unto thee that the day of thy visitation is at hand. Yea The Lord is visiting thee. Have not I said unto thee that I would visit thee? Yea have I not said unto thee that at the end of the world, when things are bad, when the evil one comes, that I shall visit thee, yea and catch thee away on wings of mercy? Yea have I not said unto thee that I shall help thee up, that I shall give thee strength? And when all hope is gone and all has failed, will I not come unto thee, saith The Lord? Will I not hold thine hand? Will I not then lead thee as blessed children, even as a mother would take hold of her little ones? Yea I say unto thee that I am in thy midst and among thee. Yea and I shall hold thee up, and thou shall be holpen, and with the help of God thou shall be strengthened. And thou shall not be cast down anymore. Yea for The Lord hath made an everlasting covenant with the house of Jacob, and He shall be in remembrance of it. Yea and at this hour my covenant is brought to my remembrance. Yea out of the many years and the centuries have I waited, saith The Lord, that my covenant might come forth. For my covenant is before thee, yea and I am in remembrance of my covenant and in remembrance of my people. Yea for the hour draweth nigh, for I patiently have waited long for the fruit of the earth. And now the reaping of the vineyard hath come, and I The Lord shall gather into my own garners that which is mine, and shall hold up by my own power that which I have brought forth from the earth. For I The Lord Jesus Christ am in thy midst to visit thee."

- Brother Pike prophesying -

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