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The Redemption of Israel - 1992 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

“But someone would say, “Well Brother Pike I’m just not gonna hypocrite-around, I’m just gonna be cold.” You can’t do that. When you come to the knowledge of right and wrong you can’t go back out in the world and say, “Well I’m not gonna mess with them religious people, and I’m not gonna go to church, I’m just gonna be cold.” You must be out of your mind. How could you ever do that? You are the lukewarm one that He’s talking about destroying, because to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not it is a sin, and the soul that sinneth shall surely die. You’re the one that’s sinning. So you can’t do that.”

"And let me tell you, beloved friend, God is no respecter of persons. You may look at your face and think you're extra special, or that God's gonna bear with you two weeks extra or three years longer because you look extra special, and you're just extra special. You may feel like, "Well my daddy's a preacher, and my mother, she's just a princess or something. She's the first lady, and because of that I know everything's gonna be alright for me." But there's a lot of sons and daughters that belong to preachers that's already in Hell. They're already in Hell, and there's a lot of them on their way. So, it doesn't mean a thing. God said, "I will not from henceforth (as since Calvary), I will never again (He said) visit the iniquities of the fathers and the mothers down upon the children as I have before.'"

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