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The Sabbath of Christ - 1982 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"God doesn't want you going around trying to keep some holy day. There is no holy day with God. Every day you're to be holy. Forget about the day, you're to be holy every day, and there's no such thing as a holy day with God. Every day is alike. The Bible says that some men esteemeth every day alike, some esteemeth one day above another, let every man be persuaded in his own mind. For he that regardeth the day regardeth the day unto God, and he that regardeth the day not, he don't regard it to God. So then he said, "If a man's determined to be in bondage to the sabbath, and to regard it as a holy day unto God, and if he does it out of his heart, leave him alone." He said, "But there is another man that esteemeth every day alike. He looks to God for justification by the spirit, and that man's not under bondage, and that man's free, so leave him alone too." So then it is my job as a minister to preach not the keeping of the sabbath, in the sense of ritualistics, or whether it is Saturday or whether it is Sunday. It is my job to preach God's rest. God kept the sabbath to himself, in the sense that it represented some day God's people coming into a rest. There is a sabbath with God, and that sabbath begins at Calvary. That sabbath is called the rest of God, and from Calvary that sabbath begins. And all them that was before Calvary, though they kept all kinds of days and months and seasons, never at any time did they keep God's sabbath. Never at any time did they ever enter into God's sabbath. Never at any time did they ever enter into God's rest. And The Bible said with them that God cut off in the wilderness, He said, "And none of them entered into My rest, and I swear in My wrath that they would not enter into My rest."

"Now I don't say that, as Paul said, to give occasion to the flesh. Someone would say, "Well, seeing that Christ has saved me, I have nothing to worry about." Who said that God saved you? The very attitude that you have proves that He hasn't saved you. But when we take this attitude; seeing that Christ has saved me then I will, with all of my heart, submit my life and everything unto Him, as being grateful, as being thankful, as letting Him know that because He has done this, I would not offend Him in any way. I would not displease Him in any way. That I am so thankful, I am so grateful, because He hath done this for me, that for the rest of my life, God I'll do anything for you, and everything I can for you. This attitude proves that you really have had a contact with God."

"Nehemiah said you cannot do those things on the sabbath. You can't do those things because God doesn't want His sabbath defiled. I cannot do my own thing in God's sabbath. I have entered into God's rest, I have ceased from my own ambitions. I am dead by the body of Jesus, and my man of the first birth is buried in water baptism, and buried with Jesus Christ. I am dead by the body of Jesus, and yet I am alive by the resurrection of The Christ. See, I cannot do my own thing, I cannot practice my own doings, I cannot go through certain ritualistics and those things that my life would want to do in the natural. I cannot do those things, I cannot defile His sabbath. I must let my body, my natural body, remain at rest. I must consider my natural body completely inactive. I must lay it aside, and I must forget about my ambitions, and I must forget about my way of life, and I must forget about making money and having businesses, and I must forget about great sports and entertainment, and being a great figure. I must forget about that. If I do those things then I defile His sabbath. Therefore I cannot work on His sabbath."

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