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The Smiting of the Serpent - 1992 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"They come up behind the boxer and they rough him up a little, and rub him and say, "You're lookin' fine. Boy we're praying, we're praying for you. You just go out there and do the job, you do the job." I think, "My God what a sacrilegious thing!" Folks would you pardon me if I use the expression, Jesus said, "Fools." Is that too strong? He said, "Blind. They're fools." Wouldn't you say it would take a fool to pray for a boxer to knock a man's eyes out, or to break his neck like Strickland did when he hit that young fella, killed him in the ring? Wouldn't you say it would take a fool to sit at a ball game, and then spewing their beer and cursing and snorting, and praying for somebody to wallow around in the mud out there, or, at some baseball team? Wouldn't you say that was a fool? If you can't afford that I can, that's a fool. Let's give The Lord a hand."

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