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The Third Dimension - 1974 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"I'm not looking for the praise of mankind. For many years I've been praised. For many years I've been praised, until I've had people fall down at my feet, right down and scare me half to death. So I'm not looking for that, I have all of that that I need, and much more too. So I'm not looking for that. I'm looking for the favor of God. The Bible said, "How can you have praise of God (or honor of God) when you seek honor one of another?" I'm not concerned with what you think about me in any manor other than the fact that I want you to know that Christ is with me, and I'm trying to help you get somewhere with God, or to find your place in The Lord Jesus Christ."

"Because Adam hearkened to a woman, God likened him to a woman. I'm gonna say something to you fellas that's such brave heroes, your wife has got you, you know, she's got you just like she's got a ring in your nose right here, and that's as good as the devil wants. Anytime you let a woman rule you, you are in trouble, because the time that Adam let that thing happen right there, from the very time that he did it, God considered him a woman, and the whole revelation shows him as a woman!"

"When you get the mind of God that means you live eternally, you can't ever die, because Heaven and Earth will pass away, and only the mind (or the word) will remain, and you become word-flesh. Whatever nature you are, whatever mind you are that's your nature, whatever nature you are. It changes your flesh into flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone, and royal blood flows through your veins. That's why He said, "Feel of me, I'm flesh," though He'd done come out of the grave and crossed over Jordan, He's still flesh, but He was Holy flesh. And so then some flesh shall be spared. He said He'd shorten the days so that some flesh should be spared. So for us He shortened it at Calvary, ushered us into the kingdom, to spare our flesh, 'cause He wanted to save some flesh for bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. So then it is a true fact, Brother Zell, that the mysteries are being made known, and they have to be made known, because this is the translation. Knowing in part, receiving, being translated into His marvelous kingdom, changed from glory to glory as we receive in part the mind of Christ, this part coming into us, until another part until another part, receiving by measure. And so then, coming to the full measure of the full stature, which is His full mind, by the tutoring of the ministry. Coming in, then we are translated into the kingdom. Therefore He could not let them know the mysteries 'cause the mysteries is the translation. That's why He wouldn't let 'em know them. So then this is why that I dispute like I do about the following of Brother Branham. I say that Brother Branham had the revelation, and I say that it was in the veil. And it is a true fact that you would never accept it, but there was some things he didn't understand. Now God allowed him not to understand 'em because he was a type of Moses, and he had to be cut off. It had to go ill with him for the sake of the people. God allowed it to be that way or he would have been translated. His followers were not translated, that was positive proof that they didn't get the finishing of the mysteries."

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