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Two Kinds of Grace - 1975 - Preached in Sardis, MS.

"I come here to the house of God, you come here to the house of God. Why do you come to the house of God? Somebody would say, "I come to praise God, Brother Pike." That's good. But why do you come to the house of God? The Bible said (I want you to listen) that judgment shall begin in the house of God. Are you listening? I said, God said, "I'm gonna put a judge behind the sacred desk, and that judge is going to judge you. And he's going to remit your sins or he's going to retain your sins." Are you listening? Somebody would say, "But Brother Pike I'm not dependent on any man, I'm not following any man." There is no way to get to Heaven without following a man. Are you listening? You say, "Well I know better," but when you think you know something, you might not know something as you ought to know. I hear people tearing down man, tearing down man, tearing down man. But let me tell you something, God uses human beings. God uses man. God is a spirit, and the only way that God works is through a man! God has never worked any other way except through a man! In the days of Moses God worked through a man. In the days of Elijah God worked through a man. If it had not been God working through a man there'd be no testimony of God in the earth today!"

"The law and the prophets were 'til John, since that time the kingdom has been preached, and men have been pressing their way into it. That means there's a door open in Heaven, you can get into the kingdom, you can go in. Maybe we'll say more about it in the meeting. But until John the law and the prophets lasted, but when John came there was a door opened in Heaven. Now I want you to listen to this: The Jews got around Jesus, they looked at Him and they said, "Now if you're the messiah will you at this time restore the kingdom back to Israel? That's what we're looking for. Ever since David died we've been looking for a king, the son of David, to come." But the Christ in Jesus confounded the Jews, 'cause the Jesus was sent to the Jew, but the Christ was sent to a spiritual bride. Is that right? And the Christ within the Jesus spoke out and said, "My kingdom is not of this world. It's not for you to know." Is that right? And they were confounded. A lot could be said about that in revelation, but they were confounded. See, the Christ spoke out. He turned to them and said, "I say unto you, they shall come from the East and they shall come from the West, and they shall set down in the place of the children of the kingdom. And the children of the kingdom shall be cast into outer darkness." Now this is what He was saying in our understanding, He was saying, "And I say unto you Jews that you are the children of the kingdom of David. But I'm fixing to reject you and put you into outer darkness, and let you wander through the world, and be on the outside of God. And the Gentiles is gonna come from the East, and the Gentiles is gonna come from the West, the North and the South. And the Gentiles is gonna be translated by faith into the marvelous kingdom of God. And though you're the children of the kingdom, you're gonna be cast into outer darkness until the fulfillment of the days of the Gentiles, and you're gonna wander and beat the wailing walls of Jerusalem until you say 'Blessed is He that cometh in the name of The Lord.' For there'll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth." Did they do it? They did it exactly."

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