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Virtue is the Key to Power - 1988 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"David of old was always falling in love. Every time he saw a woman he fell in love. And the first news you know he had one wife, and two wives, and ten wives. And Solomon came along doing the same thing, The Bible said he loved many women. He fell in love, every time he saw a woman he fell in love. And he just had so many multiplied wives, hundreds and hundreds of them, wives and concubines. He fell in love. You know, but like David, one day David fell in love with a man's wife and committed murder. And when God got through sticking the fire-brand to him David lost all of his desire to fall in love. If you'll check after that he didn't go seeking after any more women or wives. There's no record where he went and tried to get him any more wives, or fell in love any more. When God turned the fire loose on him, and death struck his family, and sorrow and heartaches struck him, he got over that devil of lust that he had all of that time, and he quit playing around. It had led him to murder. And the same thing with Solomon. Of about seven-hundred, Solomon had so many that he couldn't hardly see one more than one day out of the year if he even got around to them. It wasn't long before this devil of lust that had Solomon caused him to take strange wives. He wasn't satisfied anymore with the Israelite women, and the first news you know he had done taken strange wives, because that devil of lust caused him to do that. And then it wasn't long, God had warned him against that, said, "If you marry these women they'll turn your heart away from God," and they did. And it wasn't long before he built all kind of places of worship for those paganistic women, and they were worshiping their god at God's expense, and Solomon was spending God's money for their foolishness."

"As long as you are a virtuous person you're set apart from Satan, and Satan cannot get to you. That's why the days of the gentiles are at an end now is because the virtues of the earth are gone. There was virtues in the earth, there was descent men and women in the earth, there was God virtue in the earth, but see the virtue is being taken away. It's gone, it's leaving, and because of that God can't abide in the earth, because He can only abide where there's virtue. And if you don't have virtue God can't abide in your heart. It was by the virtue of the woman Mary that God was able to fellowship her, and that the divine conception of God's human form came through a human life. All because of virtue."

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