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You've Left My Ordinances - 1981 - Preached in Atlanta, GA.

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

"What a horrible thought: being distant to God, and being cut off from God, and finding yourself away from God. And you say, “Away from God? What do you mean, away from God?” Away from the Word of the living God! When you separate from the Word of God, you have separated from God. Anytime you put distance between yourself and the Word of God, you have separated from God."

"Why is it that they don't understand? Because God did not send them. The Bible said, "They ran, but I never sent them. They went, I never commissioned them to go. I didn't send them, saith The Lord. If I had sent them, they would have spoke my word. For he that God sendeth will speak God's word, and if they would have stood within my council, they would have caused the people to turn from their sins!" They're not turning the people away from worldliness, they're not turning the people away from sin, they're not turning the people away from the evils of this world, because God did not send them. If they would have stood in God's council, He said, they would have caused the people to turn from their wicked ways. But they're not causing the people to turn from their wicked ways! They're infiltrating the houses of God with rock-n-roll, and they're bringing the things into God's house that is abomination in the sight of God, and The Bible said when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy place (the place it ought not), then shall the end come! Brothers and sisters, you can take abomination into any place, you can do the abominable things in the world. You can do the abominable things in your own home. But when you take them into God's house then there is trouble, then there is problems, when you take the abomination that maketh desolate into God's house."

"Therefore the son of God came. Here comes the beautiful name of Jesus. Here comes His lovely name. Here comes that lovely name of Jesus again. Here comes a son, a son was born! Hallelujah! Somebody said, "God was born! Blessed Mary, mother of God!" What a lie. What a lie. Blessed Mary, mother of God, what a lie! I told a priest the other day, me and him was talking, he started about that 'blessed Mary, mother of God.' I said, "Where do you get that God ever had a mother? Why, that's the craziest thing I ever heard of." He said, "You're right, you're right." I said, "You know God ain't never had no mother." God is the one that created all mothers. Well we need to worship Mary instead of God if she's the one that begot God. That's crazy. Do you love Jesus? 'Blessed Mary, mother of God,' Mary was blessed, I agree to that, because she was the mother of the son of God. Is that right? She was the mother of the son of God, you can't deny it. But not the mother of God. For The Bible said God is a spirit. That same son of God that stood preaching, even denied that she was His mother, so far as the sacred event. For when she came to Him, and He was under the anointing, they said, "Your mother wants to see you." He said, "Who's my mother?" They said, "Your brothers wants to see you." He said, "Who is my brothers? These that do the will of my father in Heaven, this is my mother." The church, the church, isn't that right?"

"If the father is one, and the son is another, then what is the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost is nothing less than the spirit of the son and the father united together. Are you listening? The third part of that is the spirit of the son and the heavenly father, the great spirit, united together. That's what made the third part of it, when they united together. When the great spirit of God took the spirit of Christ and became interwoven, in that God in His entirety came down into the spirit of Christ, not by measure but in His fullness, thus the spirit of Christ Jesus became the great Holy Spirit. It became the Holy Ghost. That's why that today men translate the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost. It was the Holy Spirit, but now the translation of the King James version is the Holy Ghost. What is the difference? The difference is that a human being has a spirit, and that spirit, when it departs from the body, is called a ghost. The difference is that a departed spirit from a human form, it has taken on a personification. It has exacting, you can exact it. That is to say, it has taken a conformity, it has a personification, it is a certain thing. It is the spirit of a certain image. That is, it is a spirit of a human being, which is a ghost. Therefore if the thing becomes personified it is a ghost. Before that, as the Holy Spirit, God had no personification. He had never been personified in Jesus. There was no exacting of God in your mind. There was no comprehending God. For, God who filled all of eternity, you could not comprehend God. But when God walked in Jesus, personified Himself in Jesus, then when the mold of the son of God was opened at Calvary, out stepped the ghost of personification of God, which is called the Holy Ghost."

“And so then God today, the great invisible God, is today none other than the spirit of Jesus the Christ.”

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