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The Trinity - 1971 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"So then, we see proportionally God revealed our justification, and then in its season, sanctification. And as the great foreknowledge of God, which is the Mind of God, reveals itself proportionally, our minds are transformed by the renewing thereof, as we compare spiritual things with spiritual, our carnal veil, or human thinking, fading away as it is replaced by the God-mind. Remember, the carnal mind is death because it is the beast-mind that was instigated in the Garden by coming to Adam, and brought his body and soul into the beast realm of captivity. But then when God came along as the Word made flesh, He died, He took away the veil, He smote it at Calvary, rent the fleshly veil (which veil you are), and He took that which was the Holies of Holies, the Kingdom of God within you, placed the Mind of God within you, and started at Calvary, proportionally restoring that which the carnal mind had gotten. And so then we come into the fullness of it here, which is the glorification age. And when our minds are fully transformed then that will be the immediate change. Now remember, the rapture is taking place, and the world doesn't see it. Jesus preached to the world in parabolic form, and without a parable, the Bible says, He spake not unto the people. So when the five-fold ministry is preaching to the world, everything they're saying is types and shadows, which is parabolic form, and therefore it is not given to the world to understand the revelation, which is the mysteries of God, which he said would be finished at the last sounding of the trumpet."

"Remember, when a child is born there's water, blood, and spirit. Is that right? You can't have a child born just by water. If you preach baptism in Jesus' name just in water, and you leave off the blood and spirit, you might as well quit, you're wasting your time. And if you preach the blood and leave off the baptism in Jesus' name in the spirit, you might as well to quit. And if you just teach the infilling of the Holy Ghost, and don't teach water baptism in Jesus' name, you might as well to quit, 'cause the Holy Ghost won't come in except through the name of Jesus Christ, which is baptism. So then, you don't get the Holy Ghost unless it comes in His name. Now, water, blood, and spirit, the child is born."

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