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The Millennium - 1984 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"I have a number of things that I need some assistance in. A number of things. I want you to work with me, if you will. If you don't feel led to, that's perfectly alright. We don't desire your help at all, if you don't feel led to. But those who have a leading to ally with us, and to be a comrade in what we're doing, then I want your help. If it ain't but five people that comes to men's meeting, I want your help. That is, if it's those that come with a desire to help. The others, if there's fifty of you that come that don't wanna help, I don't want your help. I don't want your help at Little Bethlehem. I don't want your help in the men's meeting. I don't want your help in digging. I don't want your help in nailing or sawing. I don't want your help on the platform. I don't want your help, period. I want to try to help you and be a blessing to you, but I don't want your help at all. But those that want to love the Lord, and walk upright, and be clean, that want to help, it's in their heart, God has put it in their heart to help: I want your help. I've got a place for you. But I tell you in the name of the Lord, the others I do not want any fellowship with whatsoever, in the sense of you offering to help me. I do not. You'll be thorns in my side and pricks in my side, if I spare any of you, to the work, and I don't want it. I'll help you. You're welcome to come to church, and I'll preach to you and do what I can to help you. The rain's on the just and the unjust. But I don't want you in my operation any way unless you're clean and holy. The Bible teaches that they that handle the vessels of God should be holy. And I don't want you to mess with 'em at all unless you are right, because whatever you nail down, whatever you saw, whatever ditch you dig, I'll have to do it all over. It'll just be something that, sooner or later it'll show up like a sore thumb, and I'll have to tear half of the building down to get to the bad place (so to speak)."

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