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A Door Open in Heaven - 1981 - Preached in Macon, GA.

Updated: May 26, 2021

"All of the things of the Old Testament being a type and a shadow of those things that was to come, here we see the great mystery of God hid and concealed within the great powers of the Christ. All of this being a shadow and a type. Here, the Ark of the Covenant in this little ten-by-ten in the Tabernacle of the Wilderness, and here in this little ten-by-twenty only the sons of Aaron could go into that, the priests. But beyond that (as the veil would be rent) only the high priest Aaron on the tenth day of the seventh month could enter into that, and that with blood. He had to go into that wonderful place, he would take the blood, he would go in to atone for the children of Israel. And he would take this little censer and would take this perfume that they were forbidden to make, no one could make it, it was only made for the use of God. He would take this wonderful sweet smelling perfume, he would mix it with the coal off of the little altar, and he would take the blood from out here off of the big brazen altar, and here he would go into the Holies of Holies. Dropping that little coal into that censer, all of the sudden the great beautiful vapor would arise and fill that great place of that little ten-by-ten, and the glory of God was represented by this great fog-like appearance, this thing being a type of the Holy Spirit, separating the man (the priest) from the wrath of God, keeping him from the wrath of God as the little bells on his skirt jingle as he went in making a joyful noise in the presence of God. What a beautiful sight it was in his beautiful garments! Much could be said about it in detail. But here he would go in there, making that atonement. How beautiful it was, to let us know that someday there would be a door that would be open in Heaven! Someday there would come a high priest who could be touched with the feeling of our infirmities! And someday that great high priest called the Holy Ghost, that great Christ of God, would rend Himself from the veil of a human body and go into the very presence of Almighty God, and take His own blood from the lamb that hung there upon the tree of the great big brazen altar of the evening-time sacrifice, that He would take His own blood as a lamb without spot and without blemish, and go right into the presence of Almighty God. And they knew that if Aaron went into this place, that if Aaron tarried very long, when he come back out it meant the wrath of God and it meant sorrow, it meant trouble. But if he returned hurriedly everything was right. And you know, I like the thought right along here, because when Jesus ascended up into the Heavens, about ten days later He came back on the Day of Pentecost and entered into my heart. He came back on the Day of Pentecost and entered into the church! He wasn't gone but about ten days and then He returned! And there's been rejoicing and Joy and jubilence and glory ever since! Hallelujah! He did not stay very long when He went into the presence of God, but He came right back to the saints of God, so we know that there's peace on earth and good will toward man. We know that there's great joy for the church, but beloved friend let me tell you something, that Jesus has never yet returned to the world, that Jesus is still tarrying long, that Jesus has never come back to the world yet. That means that there's wrath and there's trouble and there's turmoil, because if He tarries long then that means that there's problems to come, and He's never yet returned. But one of these days He's coming back and you're gonna see Him in the clouds of Heaven, and He's coming back in the wrath of God when He comes back into this world!"

(video available)

“It is not appointed unto sons of God to die.”

(video available)

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