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A Matter of Life or Death - 1981 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"I teach the shadows, the types, and I teach all of these things, walking through the valley of the shadow. And the time markers and the time elements, and the stars and the moon, the sun, the trees, all of these things for one reason: Within that type and that shadow there is a knowledge, there is an inspiration, there is a revelation. God, who is a spirit, has expressed Himself through the creation. The Bible teaches that the Heavens express (or, makes known) God's handiwork. Everything is a type of something in the spiritual world. So then, all of the invisible mind of God, the things of God, the thoughts of God (since everything consists within His mind), all of those invisible things are made known to us by the act of creation. All of the invisible things from the creation of the world (or, the beginning of the creation) are clearly understood to our human understanding, are made known to it, by the things which do appear. That is, if you can see the thing, discern it, know what it represents, know what it's a type of, then you'll find the mind of God."

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