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Death Conquered - 1969 - Location Unknown

"Book of Revelation in the eighth chapter, and start here at the seventh trumpet. I don't know how much I'm gonna talk about concerning the seventh trumpet 'cause I need to take the Book of Revelation and start from the beginning, and I do with the other brethren when I get a chance. I try to go through it thoroughly with them 'cause they give me five and six hours to indoctrinate 'em with it. But I just have to say enough to you to let you know that there's something in there that you're missing, to stir your mind up and make you hungry, and make you search for it. And then in the next coming while God is gonna use these brethren that get the revelation to teach it to the people. You might wonder what I mean by that, but these men that get the revelation is going to be the sons of God. And I'm gonna wax bold and say something, and it's gonna sound like I'm mocking, and I know that some of you ain't gonna believe it, but this is gonna be the only message there is. There ain't gonna be another one. This is gonna be the only message, and not only is it gonna be the only message, but these are gonna be the only men that have it, and the rest of the world's gonna have to come to 'em."

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