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Depart From Uncleanness - 1980 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"We've got to do something for God. If you are busy raising a family, too busy looking after your family to do something for God, that's your business, I don't fall out with you, that's your business. But you're still gonna die and go to Hell, 'cause raising a family isn't gonna take you to Heaven. Now if you're too busy making money, setting up a business, getting gain, whatever you're doing, you're still gonna die and go to Hell. Making money, getting gain, isn't gonna take you to Heaven. You're gonna have to raise your family, feed your family, carry on your business, do whatever you got to do, and then find time out of all of that to do something for The Lord Jesus Christ. To give of your finance to The Lord Jesus Christ, to give of your time in prayer to The Lord Jesus Christ, to give of your service in world evangelism or an operation somewhere in something for The Lord Jesus Christ. You've got to do every bit of that. You can't just say, "Well I'm gonna do this, and that's gonna be it," God won't have it that way. You can give a million dollars every night you come to this church, and if you don't have a prayer life you'll die and go to Hell. You can pray every night, and have finance and not give of your finance and you'll still die and go to Hell. You can fast until you fall dead in your tracks and they put you in a box, and not live a Christian life and you'll still die and go to Hell. So then, brethren, it's gonna have to be line upon line and precept upon precept. It's gonna have to be according to the book or God won't have it."

"I tell you this so many times: If you walk up and you pluck a man's eyes out, after you've plucked that man's eyes out you stand there and bawl and cry, tears can stream down your cheeks and you can say, "I'm sorry, I wouldn't have done it for nothing," that doesn't help that man one bit! He's just as blind as if you never said a word! What good is that gonna do? A man get him a bottle of booze and get in a car, go down the road and have a wreck and kill your little child. And you're standing there with your dead baby in your arms. You're standing there looking at him, and he says, "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't man to do that," what good is that gonna do that dead baby? Your baby is dead. It doesn't make any difference how sorry he is. The law told him not to do it, you told him not to do it, he had a conscience that told him not to do it, but he still murdered your baby. (Somebody say 'I love God.') When a man wrecks your home, sits in the midst of the congregation, hears the preaching of the gospel, and still undermines your home and tears it down, and gets just as wretched and lowdown as he can be, when you told him over and over not to do it! And after he wrecks your home, wrecks his life, wrecks everything, walks over the blood of Jesus Christ and counts it an unholy thing, then he says, "I'm sorry," what good is that? What good is that? Folks let me tell you something, the thing is, you shouldn't do it! Somebody said, "But I just can't help it." You are a liar, you can help it! Somebody would say, "But I'm possessed with the devil, I just can't help it." All you got to do is resist the devil and the devil will flee from you, The Bible said so! If you'll resist the devil you can help it."

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