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Entering Into the Rest - 1985 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"So then a great door was open in Heaven, and John recognized it in Revelation 4, when a voice said, "Come up here John, for the door's open in Heaven." And The Bible said John ascended up into Heaven and there he stood before the throne, for he was in Heaven. And so then there is a door that is open in Heaven tonight to those that can see Christ, or those who can receive Christ. To those that are wanting to do something for God. All of the rest of the world is blinded. They cannot see it, neither can they enter into it. But this wonderful door of revelation, Christ, has been made known in the earth. And all of them that recognize Christ, all of them that can find Christ in the earth, have found that wonderful door that is open in Heaven. All men won't see it. Many hundreds and thousands and millions of people will never see it. They will look and they will be religious. They will search the world over, and they'll be in the presence of it, and they'll be in the church, as it was with people in that day, but they'll never see Him. And therefore because of that they'll never come into the kingdom of God, if they don't ever recognize the door. If they don't find the door then they can't get in. As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah when God blinded them, The Bible says they stumble around seeking the door, trying to find the door. But it was too late, God had smote them with blindness, even the blindness that The Bible speaks of, saying that the god of this world, even Lucifer, has blinded the eyes of them that are not honest and sincere with God. That's not searching after truth. The prince of this world has blinded their eyes that they cannot see. And so then they will not be able to see when good cometh."

"Many of them came out of Egypt, but The Bible says that God was not well pleased with them, in that some of them turned back to Egypt in their heart. And that was the thing I was thinking of this morning. When you turn back into Egypt in your heart God is not pleased with you. You may come to church. You may be part of Bethlehem or you might be part of another church. You may come to church, but that's not enough. It says you must not turn back into the world in your heart. If you come to church you must follow the Holy Spirit. You must follow God, because if you turn back in your heart into the world, going back to the land of your kindred, looking back into Egypt, The Bible said any man having put his hands to the plow then looking back into Egypt is not fit for the kingdom of God. If you look back you're not fit for the kingdom of God."

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