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Famine - 1965 - Preached in Hialeah, FL.

"I asked God the question one time, I said, "Lord, the little widow going into the temple over here, she cast in her two mites. And here the rich men come along and they cast in out of their abundance. And You said, Lord, that she cast in more than all of 'em." I said, "God how can you say that she cast in more than all of 'em? You know that those men cast in more money than she did! How can you do a thing like that?" He said, "Son, it wasn't the offering that moved me, it wasn't the money that moved me. I own the cattle of a thousand hills. If I was hungry I wouldn't ask you to feed me. The gold is mine and the silver's mine. I create the good and I create the evil. I have my way in the good and I have my way in the evil," but He said, "it's the act of faith in the woman's heart that moved me! She cast in all of her living, it took faith to do that, and faith touches God, and faith moved God, and faith does something to God! Faith moves me. Those men didn't have no faith, they had a bank account in reserve, they had materialistic goods in reserve." That thing didn't move God! But I want you to know that little widow moved God, it took faith to do what she done."

"I want you to know something today, folks, it's not what you give, it's what you have left over after you give that moves God! It's when you give everything that you've got!"

(poor audio quality in this message - we transcribe to the best of our ability)

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