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Folding Up The Law - 1994 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"Your image from your birth in Adam is not the image of God, and this is where ministers get off track, and this is where we get off track if we're not careful. See, remember, that image is not the image of God. You're not made in the image of God, as to your first birth. Why would God wanna destroy His own image? You're not made in the image of God as your first birth. God would have a divided kingdom if He did that, and The Bible said God's kingdom is not divided. If He wants to destroy that which He made then why would He do that? How could His kingdom stand? You can't keep a house together if you're divided; it's automatically torn apart, it won't stand. So then we know that that image that is born to begin with is the image of the devil."

"So today, accept your freedom. In the Old Testament there came a time when they were free from slavery. They were free from slavery, and then they had the opportunity to leave and never be enslaved again. But if they refused to go they were taken out by the post, then an awl was taken and the ear was pierced, and a ring was put in it, and they were enslaved forever. You see these boys and girls running around with rings in their ears, it indicates that they are a slave to sin and to tribute forever."

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