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God's Will - 1968 - Preached in Atlanta, GA.

"So then God, He doesn't cause the storm. That's why the son of God, He wasn't divided against His father, He was God made manifest in the flesh! He stood out there on the bow of the boat, do you think He rebuked His father? He said, "I do always the things that please the father. I do always the things I see the father do." If that was the father causing the storm, then why didn't Jesus do what the father was doing? You know why? It wasn't the father, it was the powers of confusion. The little ship had set out on a voyage. You say, "Why did God suffer it to do like that Brother Pike?" I said here the other night, the only way that God could manifest His attributes to where we could see what He is and what is right, is to have that opposing power of darkness out there."

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