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God Watches His Word - 1976 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"Let me tell you something, children of God. I said this in our early ministry when I come here. We had a number of other pastors, a number of other preachers, a number of other people. I said, "I will not be your pastor, I will not be your preacher, I will not be your leader if you're gonna have another one! I won't do it. God don't play second fiddle to people, either you are under His jurisdiction or you're not under it at all. Now, I still remain the same today. I am your pastor, or you can go somewhere else or get you another pastor. I am your pastor, God sent me here! There's not gonna be two, there's not gonna be three, there's gonna be one! Hallelujah. When you get more than that you've got confusion. Somebody says, "Bless God, I'll leave." You're running late and you've been running late! There is but one pastor here. That's why we don't have an assistant pastor. I used to be an assistant pastor, it never done anything but cause trouble. That's why we don't have a young-folks service and a young-folks leader. I used to be a young-folks leader and I've seen trouble! When you get two heads you've got a freak. Amen. That's what happened in the garden, God made one head and that head was Adam. And when the devil got into Eve there was two heads, and we wound up with Siamese twins and with a freak, and we've had nothing but trouble ever since! That's why The Bible tells us there's a continual warfare between the body and the spirit. The inner man and the outer man's always struggling with each other because of those Siamese twins. One of 'em's got to die."

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