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Jezebel Religion - 1977 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"The charismatic order of today is a move of the Catholic Church to gather the protestant people under the wings of the Catholic order! It is something that is spearheaded by the Catholic people, and it's going to come into a Catholic order, and the Catholic people are going to take control of it! That's why it has been a trinity from the beginning, it's still a trinity! God has never set up a trinity and God never will set up a trinity! Not one place in The Bible did God ever set up a trinity order, not one place. But as it is in here, as it's recorded here concerning the Jezebel religion, it goes back to 325 AD when Constantine got in there and united church with the order of that day, and put the state and church together, and from that time that intellectual god of Baal, which is a fleshly thing, began to set the order in a trinitarian manner, and it's been a trinity thing ever since, and it's never been the move of God. It was a Baal order, it was a fleshly thing from the beginning. It don't matter if they call themselves Baptist or Pentecostal or Methodist, or whatever it is, it's not the order of God, it never was the order of God! And they've been calling on God ever since from the morning 'til the evening. We're over in the evening time, and The Bible says in the evening time it'll come to pass that there'll be light, because Elijah's gonna call fire down, and when it comes down it's gonna give some light. People are gonna begin to see the light."

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