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Laodicea - 1980 - Preached in Jeffersonville, IN.

“Did you know that this area one time was a move of God? And this area one time was on fire for God? And this area one time had men burning like a flame here with the anointing of the Almighty God? And had women burning like a flame of God here! But Satan kept on and kept on pressing and pressing, until he put out the light and got them under bondage, and got them under fear. And kept them from worshipping God, and kept them from fasting, and kept them from praying. And he kept on giving them worldly things and more worldly things. And saying, “Stay down here in Egypt and make more brick, and build more brick houses. And make more iron and more metal, and make more cars. And get more money and get more convenience,” until finally they’ve just all together become complacent! Laodicea. And every time they wanted to go worship God that voice said, “Look, wouldn’t you like to have another thousand dollars in the bank? I’ll give you some extra hours to work. Wouldn’t you like to have an extra car? You’ve got one, but the wife could use one.” And those that have one for the husband and one for the wife say, “Well Junior, he’s got to have one.” Junior, he’ll act up and just about stand on his head (and pardon my old-fashioned expression). If daddy doesn’t buy him an automobile he’ll stand on his head until daddy does. And then when you get Junior one, Sissy she’ll ‘bout stand on her head until daddy buys one for Sissy too! Come on now. And you got so many cars up and down the road here until you can’t hardly go out anywhere unless you run bumper to bumper. And just about two-thirds of ‘em don’t need to be on the road. It’s Sissy and Junior running like a wild Indian up and down the road, that don’t know what they’re doing and don’t know where they’re going, and needs to be at home, and don’t even need the keys. And after dark what do they do? What do they do now? They prowl around all night long, everywhere. All night long up and down the streets, hugging and’a kissing and’a slobbering over one another. It’s pitiful to say it that way, but that’s all it is. They’re all doped up, they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t half know what they’re doing. They come in with their clothes half tore off ‘em in the morning. They’re around these little ole’ joints, eating joints, everywhere. And they’re blowing their horn, they’re hollering. Junior comes home and says, “You’ve got to get me one. That boy that lives across the street’s got one. I’m underprivileged!” And oh Lord help us. But what makes the thing so bad is you find the law will intervene and say you’re mistreating that child if you don’t give him everything he wants! You raise a belt to give him a good lickin’, “You’re abusing him! We won’t have it!” So what do you do? Turn him loose and let the devils get him. Sissy, she ain’t old enough to leave home, but if daddy tries to correct her and keep her at home, tries to make her wear decent clothes, what’ll happen? The law intervenes! So then off Sissy goes, and she spits in mama’s face. And down the road she goes and does what she wants to. Why? Because she’s possessed with a devil. After while Sissy’s virtue is gone. After while Junior’s a dope addict, and he’s over yonder in jail begging daddy to get him out.”

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