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Let There Be Light - 1980 - Preached in Jeffersonville, IN.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

"I believe tonight what The Bible teaches. Whatever The Bible teaches, that's what I believe. I've come to the place in my life, and I know this sounds far-fetched to the human reasoning, but I have arrived at the place in my life (and the decision in life) that I refuse to believe anything that I hear, anything that I see, anything that I feel, that is contrary to God's word. It doesn't matter if I'm looking at it, if God's word says no I say no. Though my human intelligence tells me that it must be that way, I deny it and I say, "No, it is a lying vanity, I do not believe it!" I feel the same way about my hearing, I feel the same way about all of my human senses. God has endowed the human being with five senses, and these senses, I know, are relative to the world and the things of the world, and we relate to material matter by these senses. But I've learned one thing, that there is a power of faith that supersedes and that can ride above all human reasoning, all human diseases, all human problems, and bring to pass whatever God says in His word! God spoke in His word and He commanded that there should be light when there was no light. God looked at the darkness but He believed it not. He said, "Let there be light," and by faith The Bible said there was light. Can we tonight look at the darkness and believe it not? And can we say, "Let there be light," and there will be light? Tonight we are in deep darkness as a people of God. Gross darkness is covering the earth, gross darkness is sweeping over the world. For The Bible said at the end time gross darkness would cover the people! But He said in the evening time it would come to pass that there would be light. Tonight I believe that God is giving light."

"When you're in your carnal reasoning, when you are in your carnal mind, when you do not reason with God, when you believe the things of this world instead of what God has said, you are in total darkness. You are walking in darkness, and you cannot tell where you are going because the god of this world hath blinded your eyes, and you are in darkness even until now! God said, "Paul, turn my people from darkness unto light. Turn my people from their own human reasoning." Did you know The Bible teaches that we are not to lean to our own understanding? Now listen to me tonight: We are not to lean to our own understanding. God tells me not to lean to my own understanding. It doesn't matter what I understand with my natural understanding. It doesn't matter what I think with my natural thinking. God said don't lean to your own understanding, don't think with your own natural thinking. He said, "Come to me and let us reason together," he said, "take the word of God and let's you and I reason things out." You say, "But Brother Pike if you can't believe what you see with your eyes what are you gonna do?" God saw darkness but He didn't accept the darkness, isn't that right? Tonight you may see darkness but you don't have to accept that darkness. If you believe what you see with your eyes then you're gonna walk in darkness, but brother and sister if you believe what God said about it you're gonna walk in light."

"Did you know I find Baptist people that believe God's word? Did you know I find Methodist people that believe God's word? Did you know I find Catholic people that believe God's word? And I find Pentecostal people that believe God's word. And here's something shocking to you: I find Baptists that don't, I find Methodists that don't, I find Catholics that don't, I find Pentecostals that don't! Somebody say 'I love Jesus.' Brother I know Catholic people that's full of the Holy Ghost, amen, and some of 'em speak with other tongues as the spirit gives utterance. Hallelujah! I know some of 'em that believe in the gifts of healing and the gifts of God's great deliverance. I know some of them that believe in old time Holy Ghost living! Living free and clean from the things of the world."

(video available)

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