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Love-Bond of Perfection - 1975 - Preached in Abaco, Bahamas

"You know, a lot of people misconstrue faith, and they have the idea that they're saved, and they go around believing that they're on their way to Heaven, when they're on their way to Hell. They believe that everything is well with them, when everything isn't well with them. And the difference is that they find themselves with an intellectual concept of God, and an intellectual concept of faith, that perhaps has been taught to them by some indoctrination or some idea, you know, some ideology. And they go about with this kind of thinking, and they believe that that's sufficient to take them to Heaven. But you know, believing from here isn't sufficient. It's hard to take believing from here. Jesus didn't say 'as a man thinketh in his head,' as a man thinketh in his heart. The Bible doesn't say 'with the head man believeth unto salvation,' but with the heart man believeth unto salvation. I can join the church, I can get me a minister, I can pay my tithes, I can do anything that I want to do. But brothers and sisters, unless I can have faith from my heart I am not a Christian. I have got to come to a place to where I have accepted God with all of my heart. The Bible says, "Love Him with all of your heart." And I've got to come to a place to where I can love God with all of my heart, and surrender my whole body, soul and mind. The Bible said, "Love Him with all of your strength." And so then when I come to that place, I surrender to God, and when I surrender to God, down deep in my heart there is a love that rises up, and the spirit of God comes into my heart. All condemnation is gone, and I find myself not trying to believe that I'm a Christian, I find myself in a position to where I can't doubt the fact that I'm a Christian."

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